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Basic-Product-BundleCongratulations on purchasing The Millionaire Mind Secrets Manual, Audiobook and Reference Guides.

You've made a really smart choice and here's why...

The Millionaire Mind Secrets has the power to change your life...You can use it to create the mind of a millionaire, and be more successful than you may have ever thought possible.

You are going to discover how your subconscious mind creates all your successes and all of your failures.

You will also learn how to program your subconscious mind using powerful mind programming tools so you can achieve long-term success, happiness and wealth.

And you simply must have access to these tools for the process to be effective.

How would you like to get even faster results and start experiencing really big improvements in your life, and in your finances within the next couple of weeks?

You see right now you have a part of you that is blocking your success, and this is your limiting beliefs.

Everyone has limiting beliefs and they have been formed through disappointments and failures in your past, and the conditioning you have received since childhood.

Unless you manage to overcome those beliefs, then it will be impossible for you to achieve really big goals like being a millionaire.

Most people aren't even aware that they have these subconscious beliefs, and that's why they end up just settling for second best all of the time.

However, you don't have to!


The Ultimate Upgrade - One Time Offer

Now, this offer is not for everyone. We're only making it available to you because you've proved you're an action taker, when you took advantage of The Millionaire Mind Secrets. So, I'm going to make you a special, one-time offer that's only available right here, right now and it can help you overcome your limiting beliefs and be far more successful than probably anyone you know.

I want to give you a powerful mind programming toolkit you can use to overcome your limiting beliefs and program your mind for success, happiness and wealth.

This is by far the fastest way to create the mind of a millionaire and achieve your goals


Self-Hypnosis Audio Sessions

---Professional Self-Hypnosis for Success---

Firstly, with this one-time-offer you get 3 professionally recorded self-hypnosis recordings specially created for greater self-confidence, success and wealth.

Self-Hypnosis is used by the world's most successful people, and it is one of the most effective ways to program your mind for success.

In this deeply relaxed state you can bypass your conscious mind and pass powerful commands directly into your subconsciousUse these sessions to quickly overcome your negative conditioning and create a wealth mindset.

Subliminal Audiobook Tracks

---So Powerful, its Banned in Advertising---

This one-time-offer also includes 10 subliminal audio tracks that are designed to bring you greater success, more self-confidence, help you to learn faster, become happier, be self-disciplined, assertive, prosperous, and take action on your goals, and also to help you discover your life's purpose.

Subliminal technology is so effective that several countries have even banned it's use in advertising.

Subliminal Millionaire Gold

---Program Your Mind While You're Working---

The more impressions you make on your subconscious mind the stronger the effect, so you also get the same type of subliminal software used by famous athletes, golfers and entrepreneurs to achieve accelerated success.

This software flashes affirmations on your computer screen so quickly that you probably won't even notice them, but your subconscious mind will!

And this software can help you to create the mind of a millionaire, whenever you are working on your computer.

The Best Binaural Beats Collection

---Improve Focus, Beat Stress, Relax, Sleep or Meditate---

Your one-time-offer also includes 24 unique binaural beats audio tracks that you can use for greater focus, accelerated learning, relaxation, sleep, and meditation. These are audio recordings that use special tones to bring about rapid changes in your brain.

Listen to these recordings to improve your focus, become more relaxed, combat stress, or change your inner state in any way that you need. These recordings are very effective, and a full instruction manual is included.

The Millionaire Mind Secrets Pro

---The Complete 7 Part Video Course---

You also get The Millionaire Mind Secrets Pro - a complete 7 Part Video Course covering the entire Millionaire Mind Secrets program.

Sit back and relax and watch each video to see how you can create lifelong success, abundant wealth and perpetual happiness. You'll discover simple, easy to use tools, strategies and techniques so you can finally break through and achieve all your goals.

30 Day Coaching Membership

---Inspiration, Motivation, Empowerment---

With this one time offer you also get a free one month trial of our Millionaire Mind Elite Group Coaching program.

This exciting online coaching program allows you to achieve any goal more quickly, and to create a far better life.

Coaching includes high content live webinars and training to inspire, motivate and empower you to achieve higher levels of success.

You also get complimentary access to additional success training programs added to your membership each month for as long as you wish to remain a member.

This is probably one of the best investments you can ever make in your own personal development and long-term success.



Ultimate Passive Income Summit DVDs
$297 Value

Over 4 content packed days the attendees of the Passive Income Summit were blown away by the exciting and simple to copy strategies our experts presented to them...often giving step-by-step details of what they do to create tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in Passive Income.

Experts include: Mark Anastasi, Ron G. Holland, Mark Lyford, JT Foxx, Chris Farrell, Guy Cohen, John Lee, Matt Bacak, Marco Kozlowski, Steven Essa, Minesh Bhindi and Bill Walsh.

You get to watch the 12 DVDs of the entire seminar online whenever your want, and at you own pace.


Prosperity Power Subliminal Software (PC and Mac)
$147 Value

This software helps people achieve their goals effortlessly, by re-programming their subconscious mind while they sit at their computer (it works on MACs and PCs, it is available in 8 languages, and cost $20,000 to develop). It is even more sophisticated than the Subliminal Millionaire Gold software that is normally included it this upgrade.


Get the Ultimate Upgrade - One Time Offer

This Ultimate Upgrade allows you to put into practice what you learn in The Millionaire Mind Secrets.

It contains the most effective mind programming tools for success, happiness and wealth. And you need this to create the mind of a millionaire and to get what you want.

As Einstein said "the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result".

And yet that's exactly what most people do!

What Einstein means is that your circumstances can only change when you start to change.

And this Ultimate Upgrade is the fastest way to make that change, by creating a millionaire mind that can change your life forever.

And its a lot faster and easier than you might think, and your results may simply amaze you.

This is a massively discounted one-time-offer that's not available anywhere else, and you can get this upgrade right now for only a fraction of the normal price.

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