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Subject Line: 7 Astonishing Secrets Everybody Should Know


Did you know there is a part of your mind that dictates whether you will experience success, happiness and wealth, or poverty, loss and failure?

I know how this may sound, but no matter how hard you may try to achieve great things in your life, there is a part of your mind that can sabotage all your efforts. And if you don’t do something about it, it will do it’s utmost to keep your life small and powerless.

On the other hand, when you learn how to take control of it, amazing things can start happening in your life, and very quickly too!

Mike Petigrew is a hugely respected authority in self-empowerment and in his new program “The Millionaire Mind Secrets” he is sharing his formula for becoming a true success.

Some years ago Mike lost everything and couldn’t even feed his wife or their new born baby. But after discovering 7 astonishing secrets, he quickly turned everything around and became a success.

He’s now a best selling author and has been interviewed on TV and Radio over 100 times and he teaches ordinary people how to finally break free and achieve the life they have always yearned for.

This is a really exciting new program that promises to transform your life in wonderful new ways.

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Subject Line: Can Your Mind Really Affect What Happens to You?


For thousands of years, in the Far East it has been believed that our dominant thoughts and emotions actually create the circumstances of our lives.

If this is true, then it means that when we start to think and use our emotions in a certain way, we can create all sorts of riches in our life.

But the problem is that most of us allow our mind to run rampant and create lots of stuff that we definitely don’t want to happen.

What if it were easy to use our mind to attract success, happiness and wealth? What if there really were secrets that highly successful people use to create everything they desire?

Bestselling author and motivational speaker Mike Pettigrew has released an exciting new program called The Millionaire Mind Secrets in which he reveals these 7 secrets for the very first time.

Several years ago Mike lost everything and had no money to feed his wife or their baby.
But then he discovered something amazing in 2 old manuscripts that totally changed his life.

This is an exciting new program that promises to transform your life in wonderful new ways, so you can live the life you have always yearned for.

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Subject Line: The “Missing Secrets” from The Secret


Did you know that there are several important secrets that were not included in the book and movie The Secret?

It really is true, the most important parts of The Secret were left out!
And without these its just not possible to use the Law of Attraction correctly.

So, if you liked The Secret but found that it didn’t really work for you, then its probably because you were only given part of the equation.

You see there is a part of your mind that dictates whether you will experience success, happiness and wealth, or poverty, loss and failure. And when you learn how to take control of it, amazing things can start happening in your life.

What if it were easy to use your mind to attract success, happiness and wealth? What if you could discover the “hidden secrets” used by all highly successful people?

Bestselling author and motivational speaker Mike Pettigrew has released an exciting new program called The Millionaire Mind Secrets in which he reveals “the missing secrets” for the very first time.

Several years ago Mike lost everything and had no money to feed his wife or their baby.
But then he discovered something amazing in 3 old manuscripts that totally changed his life.

This is an exciting new program that can help you to transform your life in wonderful new ways, so you can live the life you have always yearned for.

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Positive Thinking – Negative Thinking

How we think about something will have a profound effect on the outcome of whatever it is we are trying to achieve.

We often hear about the power of positive thinking, but consider for a moment that there may also be a power of negative thinking.

Growing up, I had very little self-confidence. As a kid I suffered from asthma and this prevented me from being any good at sports. Nobody wanted me on their football or rugby team, because I was pretty awful at sports.

If I ran 100 yards I would be wheezing and fighting for breath. There were all sorts of limitations put on what I could and could not do by my asthma.

Because nobody ever wanted me on their team, I started believing I was useless at everything.

Gradually, as I grew older and moved into business, I slowly but surely started to see that I had far more ability than I ever thought possible. Gradually I became good things, and gradually I started to see the fruits of my efforts.

Over time, I developed a lot of self-confidence and I became a very positive thinker. Confidence can be a little bit like a snowball rolling down a hill. As you start to see that you are very good at things, and you start to see the results of your actions, then it can give you even greater confidence to set even bigger goals.

As Henry Ford once said “whether you believe you can or believe you can’t you are right”. This really applies to everything we set out to achieve in life.

Belief in our own abilities determines everything. If we don’t believe that we can achieve something, then despite all our efforts we can usually be prevented from achieving it.

You see, over time and through lots of difficult experiences we can gradually build up all sorts of negative beliefs about what is possible and is not possible for us.

It is this accumulation of subconscious beliefs that actually controls what we can achieve in our life. If it’s true that hardship, disappointments and big challenges can gradually close us down to innumerable possibilities in life, then it’s really important that we learn how to overcome these subconscious beliefs.

We can gradually become a positive thinker, just like we can gradually become a negative thinker.

When we start to stretch our realm of possibilities by setting goals for ourselves and achieving them, we gradually start to become more positive, and develop more self-confidence and belief in what we can achieve.

But even if we become abundantly positive and confident, as I managed to do many years ago, positivity can still be swept away through challenging experiences. It is true to say that we never reach a plateau where we are full of confidence and positivity, or that we will never be shaken from that state.

It is the truth to say that within all of us is positive and negative. Light and dark. Wisdom and disillusion.

Depending on how we manage our own minds, and the experiences that we go through, will determine whether positivity or negativity will dominate our lives.

Several years ago, I went from being very positive to becoming quite negative, and this happened as a result of extreme hardship.

Having gone from a teenager who believed that they could not do anything, gradually to becoming very optimistic and positive and confident, my positivity was all swept away and very quickly.

Having been very successful in business, I made the mistake of trusting the wrong people, and making the wrong investments. Over a short period of time I went from being a millionaire to losing every cent in my entire world.

When you reach the stage where you don’t have any money to feed your wife or new-born baby son, then it can be incredibly fighting. This is exactly what happened to me, and when you are losing vast amounts of money every single week it is very hard to remain positive and optimistic.

I definitely went from being positive to being negative, and expecting the worst.

So as I said a moment ago in life we don’t reach a fixed stage where we never regress. Everything depends on the degree of control we have over our mind and how we face our most difficult experiences.

Within every great hardship lies the seed of enormous growth and benefit, even if we do not see this at the time.

It took me some time before I started to see the value in this incredibly painful and frightening experience. Because my thoughts had become predominantly negative, and I was expecting more and more difficulty, that’s exactly what I experienced. I experienced more of the same.

My subconscious mind became dominated by fear, uncertainty and I constantly listened to my negative inner voice that kept telling me that I was useless, and that I’d lost my abilities, and that I really would not be able to change my circumstances again.

Then when you experience so many different challenges that reaffirm to you that your negative beliefs are true, then there is even greater momentum towards suffering and pain and fear and more negative experiences.

This can be a vicious circle and it can be extremely difficult to transform unless you know what to do in order to change it.

We all have positive and negative within us. Likewise, most of us give in to our own inner negativity most of the time. It’s because most people give in to their own limitations that they may not achieve anything remarkable during their lifetime.

However, the fact is you really are capable of incredible things providing you adopt the right mind-set, and make constant, consistent efforts towards changing your circumstances.

A great man once said “strive to become the master of your mind, rather than letting your mind master you”.

Unfortunately, most of us allow our minds to run rampant and control us totally. But it is possible to take back that control, and to weaken the effect that your negative thoughts and feelings have over you and what happens to you.

For me the crucial turning point came when I rediscovered the incredibly transformative power of gratitude.

By bringing up gratitude every 30 minutes of the day, I gradually started to reprogram my mind towards positivity and expecting positive changes in the future. The effect was incredible.

Within only a few days I started to see coincidences or synchronicities starting to appear again. Although the entire situation took time to change completely, positive change began the moment I started to use the power of gratitude to transform everything.

Gratitude really does have this power.

At any moment of our lives we are expressing to some extent either gratitude or complaint. Appreciation or blame. If our tendency is to complain, then this keeps us locked into a negative pattern of loss, where we experience loss instead of gain.

On the other hand, when you start to reprogram your life with gratitude and begin to appreciate even the smallest things in your life, then your gratitude becomes a powerful magnet that will draw into your life all sorts of wonderful benefits and happiness. Gratitude is your powerful and transformative happiness magnet!

Even though your thoughts and feelings really do have an effect on your environment, and draw into your life all sorts of experiences based on your dominant thoughts and feelings this also works on a physical level in your own body.

Scientists have observed that when we feel anger or other negative emotions, then all sorts of toxic chemicals are released into our bloodstream that actually affects our health and our brain itself.

You really can think and feel your way into becoming ill, and into an experience where your brain and your mind operates at a far lower threshold. It’s even possible to think in such a way where you become less intelligent.

The expression “if you don’t use it, you lose it” is so true. On the other hand, by adopting a far more positive mind-set, and taking actions based on those positive thoughts and feelings, you will release into your bloodstream chemicals that are beneficial to your body. It’s also possible to increase your intelligence greatly, when you continually put your brain to task.

So, if you have ever found yourself in a vicious circle of negative thoughts and feelings and reactions, then you can change everything by learning how to reprogram your thoughts and feelings.

I go into this in great depth in my training programme The Millionaire Mind Secrets. This program can completely transform your circumstances, and enable you to achieve all your goals in life.


Best wishes,

Mike Pettigrew

Learn more by clicking the following link [enter your affiliate link here]


Self-worth and Money

Did you know that how much you earn is often directly related to your own self worth and how much you actually value yourself?

This may sound surprising but it really is true.

If we always seem to be struggling just to get by, and if this been going on for a very long time, then we really need to look at how much do we actually value ourselves and our time and our energy.

A long time ago I learnt the harsh reality of this through a very challenging and frightening experience.

It was back in the early 1990s and just a few years after I had started my first real business venture. We supplied tropical plants to offices and banks, hotels and restaurants in Ireland.

I managed to grow the business very well, but I was always struggling financially. It was a constant rollercoaster where I had money, and then very quickly it would all be gone.

So to be honest I was really disheartened to be in this situation all the time.

So one day I made a very big determination – or rather I made a 100% commitment or vow to the universe.

I promised that I would completely transform my financial situation very quickly so that I would be able to free up my own personal time so that I could make a difference in society by doing various types of voluntary work.

Now, it’s quite amazing what happens when you make a commitment to something with your whole being.

Within a couple of weeks I encountered what appeared to be complete and utter financial disaster.

My small business owed its suppliers far more than I had expected, and the amount of money that was coming in the next month was far less than I had expected.

I really was incredibly worried because there simply seemed to be no way out.

Now I have always hated letting people down, and not being able to pay suppliers on time was a really big thing for me.

Money was so scarce; I didn’t even know how I was going to survive for the next week.

But you know what? Sometimes things need to get really tough for us in life, before we can make a really big change.

Now, it’s no coincidence that this started happening to me.

It was a direct and immediate response to the commitment I had made to transforming my financial circumstances once and for all.

The reason why I had made such a big commitment was so that I could free up my time and start doing some voluntary work – so that I could start giving back to society.

Anyway, this frightening experience forced me to look at what turned out to be the heart of the matter. And this was my own self worth.

You see, I always felt very guilty about asking my customers to pay on time. Also, I charged far less than most of my competitors did.

So I realised, that if my business was to survive I had to double our prices to every single one of our clients.

I actually expected to lose more than half of them. But even if that happened, I would still be in a far better off situation.

Now amazingly, every single one of my clients agreed to the massive price increase. In fact many of them told me that they felt our rates were far too low!

The simply wonderful effect was to instantly double our profits.

But you know what? Everything boiled down to me not valuing my time, my expertise, or my energy.

This is why I charged such ridiculously low prices, and had such fear and guilt over asking for payment on time.

I also had some other experiences around this same time that was constantly pointing at the need to improve my own self worth.

I actually had a far too casual attitude towards money. In fact I felt a bit guilty about earning money.

But what is money? Money is simply an exchange we make for our time and expertise. If we don’t value our own time or our expertise, then this affects us in so many different ways.

In fact I had such a bad attitude towards money and the value of my own time that I was buying all these CDs every week; albums that I never really listened to.

Every week I would go out and buy two or three more CDs – which was crazy!

So what happened as a result? I went over to the UK for a weekend to attend a seminar and when I returned home my CD player and all my CDs had been stolen.

So what did I do? I went out and bought a new CD player and replaced all the CDs.

Now I was living in a rented house at the time, and wasn’t insured; so this all came out of my own pocket, or rather the pocket of my business.

Then a few weeks later I went over to the UK again, and yet again when I came home all my replacement CDs and my even newer CD player had all been stolen once again.

So this led me to really start questioning why would such an event happen to me twice? What was the underlying reason for this repeated event?

You see when something happens more than once there is always a very good reason why it happens.

So, as well as the other experiences that I was going through, I started to see a very clear pattern emerging.

I started to realise how my attitude towards money and how I valued myself really had to change and had to change very quickly.

Also, a lot of people used to ask me for favours all the time, but would never return any favours.

In fact I was being run ragged doing things for people most evenings without any regard for my own personal needs.

One of my neighbours start to notice this and told me that I just had to stop helping everyone and that I should really take better care of myself and my own personal needs.

Anyway, it was very clear with all these events that I really needed to start cherishing my own life a lot more.

I needed to really value my time and my energy and start saying no to people, unless I was fundamentally helping their life in some meaningful way.

And most of the time this was certainly was not the case – people were just asked me for favours because they knew I would always say yes!

Now, I do realise that this is a very common experience for many people. It’s so easy to denigrate ourselves and not truly value our lives and the difference we make in our environment.

But you know what? Learning to say no to people (unless of course they really do need our help in some way that makes a real difference to their life). Learning to say no can be one of the most wonderful things we can ever learn in life.

This is because when we start accepting ourselves, and then go on to start treasuring ourselves, we become empowered.

So long as we are not valuing our time and energy we remain disempowered and this can have very negative effects; not only on our finances, but in every area of our life.

How much we value our self and our time and energy and all the unique qualities that we possess, can have a profound affect on our earning potential.

Now, I know a lot of people who believe themselves to be very spiritual. And often spiritual people believe that money is evil and that they don’t need money and that everything will be fine without any money.

But, this is really nonsense! Money is a measure of the time and the value or contribution we have made to society.

It is very difficult to make a really significant difference in the world if you are struggling financially all of the time.

If you spend all your time struggling just to survive, there is very little left of you to make a difference in the world around you.

I’m firmly convinced that we live in a world that is rich and abundant, and we deserve to have all our needs met.

And when we have all that we need, then we have more time and energy and financial resources to contribute to our society.

How we think and how we feel determines everything that happens to us in life. If we wish to feel worthless or seeped in guilt or that were not important, then that is our choice.

The result will be a life of lack, a life of struggle, a life of disillusionment and disempowerment.

And when we allow such negative thoughts and feelings to dominate and erode our life then our life remains very small and we are unhappy.

On the other hand, when we start to treasure our lives we automatically start treasuring those around us much more too.

When we value our time and energy and our experience, then we can earn more, have all our needs met, and we have the time and energy to make a difference in the lives of those around us.

Find out more about this by clicking the following link [enter your affiliate link here]


Best wishes,

Mike Pettigrew


Unlock Your Creative Genius

Did you know that you can tap into your own inner creative genius whenever you wish? You have an amazing creative genius inside your own mind and you can use it to improve every area of your life whenever you wish.

Often people believe that they have to wait for inspiration to arrive before they can create something really outstanding. However, this is not true and it is possible to get your creative juices flowing at will, whenever we wish.

I learnt this myself many years ago when I started composing music. I did everything with a keyboard connected to a computer and even though my piano skills are pretty abysmal, I was able to produce some pretty good music.

However to do this, I would play something really badly on the keyboard and then spent ages getting it right on the computer screen; moving around notes and getting the timing right. It took a long time, but was great fun and I loved producing music.

Often I would be driving along the road and music would come to my mind, and I would immediately sing the notes into a recording device. Then later on when in front of my computer, I would start creating the music that had come to my mind while driving.

But here’s something interesting that I discovered. Often I would sit down in front of my keyboard and computer and there would be no music in my mind.

But just by fooling around on the keyboard, my creativity started to be stimulated. And I created some of my best compositions at times when I didn’t feel inspired or at all creative.

Now, this was back in the early 1990s, and it taught me a really important lesson. That lesson is that we can intentionally kick-start our creativity whenever we wish, and that our best creations don’t always come spontaneously in blinding flashes of inspiration.

But this doesn’t just apply to music, this process holds true no matter what we are hoping to create or change in our life.

If we are a writer, we really don’t need to give in to such things as writer’s block. If we take the right actions, and do the right things then it is possible to kick-start creativity and move forwards very quickly, and start creating great material without any difficulty.

One thing I noticed back then, when I was composing a lot of music, was that we all possess a creativity muscle that we must exercise, in order to be able to tap into our creativity quickly and easily, whenever we wish.

However, just like when exercising the physical body, it can take time and effort before the process becomes really easy. But, with regular effort the process absolutely will become easy for you.

There is a very simple exercise you can do that should illustrate very clearly what I’m saying.

When you put your mind to task, then your mind starts working for you. If you do not regularly put your mind to task, then very little changes from day to day, and things just go on the way they are always have gone.

What I’m about to describe may at first appear quite challenging, but if you do these exercises you will be astounded by all the amazing ideas that you will develop. You really can become an ideas machine!

You see, every goal that you set, and every aspect of your life that you wish to change always starts with an idea. So doesn’t it make sense that you learn how to tap into wonderful ideas that can enable you to transform your life and achieve all of your dreams? I certainly believe so.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could tap into your mind and come up with all sorts of really useful ideas whenever you want? Well this really is possible and is far easier than you may think.

When you come up with great ideas, you can take action on those ideas, and gradually you will start to see results in the world around you. It is true to say that we can work very hard and still not see great results. However, when you have amazing ideas that are backed with excitement and determination, all sorts of wonderful things become possible for you.

To get your creative mind operating efficiently like a well-oiled machine; at first you need to start squeezing out of your mind ideas that can improve your life in various different ways.

At first it may take quite some effort, but if your are persistent in this you will quickly become very proficient at tapping into your creativity whenever you wish and creating all sorts of amazing possibilities for yourself.

It would be a great idea to do one of these creativity exercises each day for at least a week before you start to see the amazing unlimited creative power that lies within you, and which you can tap into at will.

Day 1:
On day 1 write out a list of 10 things that you could do to express your gratitude to others. These should be things you can actually do that will show your appreciation of those who have helped you in any way.

Day 2:
On day two write out a list of 10 things that you could do to improve your physical health. These can be anything that you could do in order to become healthier.

Day 3:
On the third day write down 10 ways in which you could improve your emotional health. These will be things that can contribute to your overall well-being and happiness. It’s important to include ideas that can help other people in meaningful ways. This is because our own happiness is directly connected to the efforts we make boards the happiness of those around us.

In these exercises you don’t have to stop at 10 ideas. If ideas are starting to come tumbling out of you then please keep going! 15 or 20 ideas is a lot better than 10 and the more you do this the more you exercise your creativity muscles and it becomes a resource you can tap into whenever you need.

Day 4:
We have all used apps on our smartphones and most of us have a good idea of what sort of apps are available in the app stores.

So, your next exercise is to come up with 10 ideas for smart phone apps. Write down 10 ideas for apps. It doesn’t matter if you later find that some of these apps already exist, but just start writing and see what happens.

Some your ideas may not be great at all, while others may surprise you! And an app is something that simply makes people’s lives better or easier and helps them in some way. Most people find that coming of the first few apps is easier than coming up with the last few of the 10.

So, go and look at the App Store on your phone to see what sort of apps people are producing. Then come up with 10 of your own.

Day 5:
On day five come up with 10 things you could do to add more fun and enjoyment in your life. These should be things that you can start doing easily and which you could put into practice right away.

Many of us move through life each day on autopilot, simply reacting to what happens to us. But, when we take stock of what we are doing, and what we could be doing, it allows us to bring a lot more excitement and variety into our lives.

Day 6:
On day six, write down a list of 10 places that you would love to visit in the next 10 years.

Day 7:
On day seven of this exercise, write down a list of the three biggest problems in your life right now. Once you’ve done this, write down at least 4 things that you could do to overcome each of these problems.

Now at the end of just one week you will probably be very surprised by your ability to come up with creative ideas whenever you wish. By writing down your ideas like this and by doing this frequently you will keep your creativity muscles exercised and in great shape.

This will allow you to tap into your creativity whenever you wish and use it to create all sorts of wonderful things for your life.

So remember to keep a special notebook for all your creative ideas and don’t worry if some of them are nuts! Because when you do this you will definitely have plenty of really good ideas too.

Also, please don’t allow your internal editor to stop you – just keep the process flowing. What I mean by your internal editor is that part of yourself that tells you to delete the last sentence or the last idea because it isn’t good enough. Simply, let all your ideas flow without any restraint and then after the process has completed you can start editing if really necessary.

Whatever it is that you wish to change or create in your life, everything starts with an idea. And the more great ideas you have, then the more you can transform your own life and your environment.

Here is a final thought about this, for you to consider. If every person in the world were to spend just 1 hour each week coming up with ideas to improve their lives, then the world would be a very different place than it is right now.

So, please do make a commitment to yourself right now, to set aside just one hour each week to do this for yourself. You will be amazed at how your life will transform!

Find out more about this by clicking the following link [enter your affiliate link here]


Best wishes,

Mike Pettigrew


How to Master Your Mind

A great man once said “strive to master your mind rather than allowing your mind master you”.

So what did he mean by this statement?

Basically, he realised that as human beings we all possess two types of mind.

Firstly we have a mind that tries to keep us small and powerless, and that constantly whispers all sorts of nonsense to us, pretty much all day long.

That part of our mind that tells us that we are useless, that we shouldn’t even bother. Its that part of ourselves that keeps making us give in, instead of doing great things.

Then we have another part of our mind that is the complete opposite. It’s that part of ourselves that we might call our higher self, or our source of inner wisdom.

Unfortunately, since we are so dominated by our inner negativity most of the time, it’s very hard to hear that quiet inner voice; which is the source of all wisdom.

We all have this part of ourselves, and it is extremely important that we make every effort we can to connect with that part of ourselves.

We need to learn how to listen to this part of ourselves, because it is the part of our mind that keeps us moving forwards, and the part of us that can enable us to live a fully happy and fulfilled life.

We all have this source of inexhaustible wisdom within ourselves, but for most of us connecting with it is not a common experience.

I’m absolutely convinced that the battle within us…the battle between light and dark, positivity and negativity or even you might say good and evil is a continual struggle that never ends.

Whether we allow ourselves to keep our life small and powerless and achieve very little during our lifetime or whether we discover this immense powerhouse within us, is totally dependent on whether or not we win or lose over the negative voice that we all have within us.

And it’s amazing how this negative voice; being so subtle controls our lives to a huge extent.

Because it constantly whispers to us all sorts of things that hold us back, it’s no wonder that most people never really live lives where they totally transform their lives and make a big difference in society.

I know I’ve said this in several episodes before, but I honestly believe that the difference between a person who transforms society and someone who achieves very little during their lifetime is completely dependent on whether or not we manage to overcome this negative voice within us and do so continuously.

Its only when we start to see this negativity for what it is, and counteract its influence by connecting with our higher self and inner wisdom, that we can we really take full control over our lives and live a lifetime of continual successes and happiness.

We really cannot become truly happy and fulfilled, unless we become acutely aware of this inner battle that takes place within us all of the time.

But becoming aware of isn’t enough on its own. We also need to learn how to connect with the greater part of ourselves far more potently, so that our negative inner voice is to at least some extent drowned out by the wisdom that bubbles up from within our lives.

So you may ask, how can we possibly overcome this negative force that lies within us?

Well fortunately as I say we all possess an incredibly potent positive force, that really in many ways is our natural state of being. The only thing that stops it from being revealed all the time is the fact that we allow our negative self the advantage most of the time.

For example, fear is something that we do not possess when we come into this world as a baby. We learn fear from our parents, our siblings and our misfortunes during our life.

Likewise, as we grow up from childhood into adulthood we each accumulate vast number of memories from experiences where we have suffered in all sorts of different ways.

Gradually as we grow up, our belief about what is possible starts to shrink, and we start to settle for second-best or even third best or even worse.

Ask any child what they want to be and they grow up, and in most cases they will excitedly tell you that they are going to be a scientist, or a doctor or a rock star or a famous football player.

Unfortunately, by the time most children reach the late teens or mid twenties they have had so many painful experiences, that keeping up such a vision for their lives often becomes impossible.

A long time ago when I was 12 years old I went to boarding school for a few years. And I remember getting guitar lessons once a week with two other guys.

Now the amazing thing is one of these guys who was a couple of years older than me was convinced that some day he was going to be a world-famous rock star.

To be honest, I don’t think anyone believed him, but the amazing thing is that he kept his vision and determination steadfast, despite what other people may have thought.

Only a few years later, he became the bass guitarist of one of the world’s most famous rock groups; U2.

This is what keeping our determination alive and keeping ourselves empowered can do for us.

We really can overcome this negative voice that constantly tries to keep us small and powerless and that continually tries to sabotage our dreams.

There are many ways of doing this, but one of these is to use the power of affirmations. Affirmations are simply short positive statements that we make to ourselves aloud each day.

Affirmations are a very powerful way of reprogramming our subconscious mind for success rather than failure.

Another great way is to use the power self hypnosis. Self hypnosis can help us to quickly overcome all sorts of self-limiting beliefs that we may have about ourselves so that we literally start with a clean slate.

Another very important way of overcoming this negative part of ourselves is to develop a burning desire for something big and worthwhile for our lives.

Having a burning desire and putting energy and focus into that desire every day, and also taking action steps towards achievement, enables us to move very far towards achieving our hearts desire.

Also never giving into temporary failure is a vital component in becoming stronger than the negative voice that assails us continually.

You only have to look at the lives of a few highly successful people to quickly realise that most of them have failed many times, but their persistence is what got them through and that this was the deciding factor in their ultimate great success.

Another way of connecting powerfully with our own inner wisdom is to learn how to meditate. There has been a massive amount of research into the effects of meditation on our mind and our body.

It’s an absolute fact that meditation can lower our blood pressure, enable us to relax deeply, allow us to recharge and it can also enable us to tap in powerfully to the inner wisdom that we all possess deep within our lives.

So the are several ways of learning how to master our minds rather than allowing our minds to master us.

To master our mind we need to connect with our higher self in any way that we can. When we draw forth energy and vitality and wisdom, what happens is; our negative inner voice becomes quieter.

However it is very important realise it never ever goes away completely. You see there is purpose to everything in the universe. Without negativity we could not grow fully as human beings.

So it’s the battle between the light and dark, or positive and negative forces within us that gives rise to life itself.

It’s not possible to live in this world and only experience positivity all the time. If we did we would not grow spiritually as human beings.

Difficulty and hardship almost force us to grow. Very few of us really grow quickly when everything is blissfully tranquil and we have almost no challenges.

I learnt this many years ago when I was a hospice volunteer for several years. I had a very successful business which allowed me to work only a day and a half a week and it gave me a very high income.

So what I did it was I in did voluntary work most days of the week and I really believe that I helped a lot of people. I really enjoyed doing this work as a hospice volunteer, but it was a period of my life where I had very few real challenges.

Even though I created value for people, I wasn’t really growing within myself in the way I was capable of.

Several years later, when I lost every single cent in the world and I couldn’t provide food for my wife and baby son that had just been born, my learning and growth started at a faster rate than ever before.

It was an incredibly painful experience and one that I will never forget. However I am so grateful to those experiences because I have learnt so much about life, human beings, and also discovered far more of the power that I have within myself.

I was an awful experience, but I’m deeply grateful for it.
At this point you may ask if I myself have managed to master my own mind. Well all I can say is that most of the time I do manage to overcome this negative inner resistance that tries to sabotage everything that I do.

But, because this battle within us takes place continuously and because it will never go away, there are some days I don’t manage to completely win.

However, most of the time I do manage to tip the balance between positivity and negativity. What’s most important is how often we win over our negative voice.

As I say, it will never completely go away and anyone who believes that it will; is definitely not seeing things as they really are.

A strong positive thought is 10 times more powerful than the stream of negative thoughts that go through our mind.

Whichever we allow to dominate, will ultimately determine how our lives will turn out.

So, I hope that this gives you a better understanding of the nature of negativity.

It’s also important to understand that we have great capacity as human beings to overcome our suffering. Or if we wish, we can just allow ourselves to wallow in it and nothing really changes when we do this.

A certain amount of suffering is great for growth, but too much suffering is just a waste. So it’s important to not prolong your suffering when things are really rough, and to move yourself forward in a powerful new direction as quickly as you can.

So please try to do your utmost from this point forward to master your own mind rather than allowing it to master you.

I’m certain you can do this. It will take effort and persistence and lots of determination but the benefits far outweigh the costs.

By overcoming your negative inner voice you can achieve anything that you set your mind to.

However on the other hand if you continue to allow negativity to hold you back in so many different ways, then I’m afraid to say that nothing much will ever change for you.

So please make the choice right here and right now to draw forth this wisdom from within your life and to start bullying that negative voice that has tried to control you for many years.

You will be delighted that you made this decision, and your life will progress in all sorts of wonderful new ways; that at this point you may not even be able to imagine.


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Best wishes,

Mike Pettigrew


Why We Don’t Achieve Our Goals

At the beginning of each year many people create concrete goals for the year ahead, while some people make resolutions to give up bad habits or the things that hold their lives back.

While giving up things can be very beneficial, in many cases it is often better to create a new habit that counteracts the old bad habit, rather than forcing ourselves to change a bad habit.

Creating a new habit is a lot easier and results in the same outcome.

Personally, at the beginning of each New Year I think it’s a lot more effective to create clear concise goals and create a set of action steps that we will take to achieve them.

Goal setting is really straightforward, but a lot of people do it in such a way where they end up not achieving them and instead become disillusioned and disempowered.

There really is no big secret about how to achieve our goals, and how we can do this in such a way where we are guaranteed great results every time.

The first step is always examining what it is that we truly desire; the things that we truly yearn for and to write these down on a piece of paper.

Once we have a basic list of goals, we then need to rewrite them into short, concise statements. It’s important that each of our goals is crystal clear, so having long wordy goals isn’t a great idea.

A very important part of goal setting that many people leave out; is to have a very clear reason WHY we are setting the goal and include it as part of our goal statement.

For example, we may be concerned about our health and we may recognise that we need to take more exercise.

Having a goal simply to take more exercise is not very specific, nor does it include a good enough reason to take that exercise.

So, if we add a very clear strong reason for achieving our goal, then it gives our goals far more momentum and power.

We might consider rewriting our goal in such a way as something like this:
“I will take three hours of vigorous exercise each week, so that I become strong and healthy, and live a long productive life, where I can contribute greatly to the happiness of my wife, children and society for many years”.

Okay, that’s a rather long statement, but I think you get the idea of what I’m saying.

When we build into goals a very clear reason why, we give them energy and power and on a subconscious level we are far more motivated to achieving them.

If we don’t include a reason why, then chances are as time goes by we will be less inclined to bring our goals to fruition.

Another very important part of goal setting is to include a date by which we will have achieved our goal.

Again, this affects us powerfully on a subconscious level, but it also adds additional motivation for us to take concrete action steps towards achieving a goal by the date we have set.

So when we create crystal clear, concise goals, and include a strong motivating reason why we will achieve them, and a deadline by which we will achieve them, we infuse our goals with energy and power.

So, if we do all this correctly, is it still possible to not achieve our goals?

Well, the short answer is of course yes. Everything depends on the consistency of our efforts towards achieving our goals and our continued motivation to do so.

Many people give up half way, and this can really end up piling on disempowerment and disillusionment. Making half-hearted attempts to achieve goals can do more harm than good and it can hold us back from achieving future goals.

So by looking at our goals every morning and every evening, and infusing them with emotion and excitement – these things will have a VERY strong affect, and will ultimately enable us to achieve our goals.

So emotionalising our goals is really important.

It’s also important to visualise as clearly as we can what is will feel like and be like when our goal has been achieved. This day dreaming about what it will be like once we’ve achieved our goals can have a very beneficial effect and can speed up the process greatly.

As I mentioned earlier it’s very important to break down each of our goals into very definite action steps. For example, if our goal is to become a skilled writer by a certain date then our action steps might include such things as doing a course in creative writing, setting aside one hour every morning to write, but also include doing a course to improve our typing speed.

Unless we sit down and figure out what action steps we need to take achieve our goals, our efforts could be in vain.

Now, I do realise that when we set some types of goal we may not yet know what all those specific action steps should be.

However, we still need to write down as many action steps as we can think of. Then as we take regular consistent action every day towards achieving the goal, as time goes by and our understanding grows, the next steps in the plan will naturally emerge.

Now, there is something else that holds back so many people from achieving the goals. And that’s our subconscious beliefs about ourselves, about life, and what is actually possible for us.

Many people make goals but subconsciously they don’t believe that they will be able to achieve them, or that they are not even worthy of achieving them.

Our subconscious beliefs are really what dictates what we can achieve in life and who we will become.

Even if we are setting our goals 100% correctly and taking actions towards their achievement; it still possible for our subconscious beliefs to completely sabotage the entire process.

This is something that stops most people from achieving their hearts desire. We all have subconscious beliefs that sabotage the things that we try to achieve in life.

We build up these beliefs through the conditioning we receive while growing up, painful experiences that we go through, and by believing all sorts of incorrect things that society tells us.

So how do we reprogram our subconscious mind so that we can achieve our goals?

Well, if we have a goal to run a marathon in two months time, and if we are currently very overweight, then achieving such a goal could be quite challenging.

Firstly, we need to get fit and lose weight, and possibly change how we eat. We may also have strong subconscious beliefs that tell us that such a goal is impossible.

So if you are making a goal that will change your life dramatically in some way, then it is often much better to gradually stretch the limits of your subconscious beliefs.

In the case of running a marathon, it might be better to set the goal to run a marathon in six months time rather than two months.

You see, what we believe deep down is what will really determine whether or not we can achieve something.

We need to gradually increase the limits of our beliefs. We just can’t very easily do it all at once, especially if our goal is really big.

Another example might be determining to make $1 million within one year. If we have never earned more than $100,000 in a single year then making such a determination could be stretching the limits of our subconscious belief a bit too much.

It might be better to make a goal of achieving $200,000 in the next year and then later after we have achieved that goal and as a result of the empowerment that comes from achieving such a goal, we can then make an even bigger goal.

So, it really is important to gradually stretch the limits of our inner beliefs. Because when we do this, we are far more likely to have greater successes.

If you just set dramatic huge goals for yourself without having achieved such things ever before then in many cases you will end up very disappointed and disillusioned and even disempowered.

As I said earlier this can actually have an even greater negative affect on future goal setting.

Back in 2002 I had a rather dramatic experience that showed me the true power of determination.

And had I made this determination six months before, I would have had no hope of achieving it; simply because the limits of my belief were much, much smaller back then.

During 2002 I was on radio and TV many times speaking about the scientific evidence for life after death. It is a topic that is very close to my heart and when you have learnt a lot about a subject that can help many people, I believe it is your duty to share that knowledge and understanding.

I believe it is a crime to learn all sorts of things that can help people dramatically, and never to share them with anyone.

Anyway as a say, I was on radio and TV a lot during that year and towards the end of September I made a very spontaneous and deep determination. In fact it was more than a determination it was a vow or a 100% commitment that I made to the universe.

I vowed that within the next month I would positively affect the lives of more than 280,000 people.

In fact I made this vow totally spontaneously, without even thinking about it and it absolutely came from the depths of my being.

A moment later I was shocked by making such huge commitment and my immediate thought was how am I going to do this?

But then I realised I’d already been making quite a difference in radio and TV interviews and that such a goal really was possible, providing I did the right things.

It turns out that I didn’t have to do anything, because the very next day I got a phone call from Ireland’s most popular talk radio show. They had heard about my work and they wanted to interview me.

The interview went really well. I was told that I would only have five minutes to speak, but the interview went on for almost an hour. It became one of that show’s top 10 most popular interviews of all time.

As a say, making such a determination would have been impossible six months before. However gradually by gaining confidence in my abilities I was able to make such a huge determination.

As I say, it was completely spontaneous and came from the core of my life. And it shocked the hell out of me!

But the amazing thing is that radio show had over half a million listeners and I was flooded by emails, letters and faxes from people all over the place thanking me for inspiring them and helping them to overcome their fear of death.

Anyway, I hope this short talk about how to make goals correctly has helped to.

Everything comes down to how clear your goal is, a big reason why you wish to achieve it, and a very definite date by which it will be achieved.

After that, you need to read your goals (preferably aloud) morning and evening with emotion and excitement, as though you had already achieved them.

And visualising exactly what it will be like when you achieve them. You need to imagine all of this, as though it were happening right now.

Then you need to take strong consistent daily actions towards your goals achievement.

Your actions don’t need to be huge or stretch you too much. Just small daily consistent actions over time add up to dramatic improvements in your life.

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Best wishes,

Mike Pettigrew


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