7 Life Changing Secrets That Always Lead to Success

In this letter I’m going to show you exactly how you can create success, happiness and wealth using a time-tested formula that simply cannot fail.

But before I do, I’ve got a quick question for you…

Have you ever wanted to work less, have more free time, make more money, and take vacations whenever you wish? Come on, you know you want that lifestyle… The one that everyone talks about.

Where you can be totally free, and where you magnetically attract into your life everything that you truly yearn for. Life is short, so you owe it to yourself to become truly successful and deeply happy.

So, why hasn’t it happened for you yet?

Come on... admit it. This isn’t the first time you’ve been looking for a proven way to make more money and free up your time, is it? When is it going to be your turn?

When you read this page to the end, you’re going to learn secrets that will allow you to start attracting success into your life within the next 24 hours.

Because by this time tomorrow you will have the power to transform practically any aspect of your life that you’ve been unhappy with for years, and be able to:


My name is Mike Pettigrew, and I’m a successful entrepreneur and bestselling author, but it wasn’t always this way.

Several years ago I was probably a lot like you……. In fact I was in a pretty dire situation, because I was totally broke.

I had lost everything, and I wasn’t even able to feed my wife or our baby who had just been born. I had reached absolute rock bottom and I struggled to make it through each day.

Every morning I used to crawl out of bed and drag myself to the toilet, because the fear I was feeling was so great, that I wanted to vomit.

Waking up every morning, knowing that I had to face yet another day was truly unbearable. This went on for a very long time and everything I touched seemed to turn to muck. I constantly doubted myself, and berated myself for having got us into such a terrible mess. I tried everything, but nothing seemed to work.

I even started borrowing huge amounts of money and I invested it in ventures that always failed. So, instead of improving our situation, everything I did just made it far, far worse. My wife and baby were totally dependent on me, and yet I couldn’t even provide for them. I was ashamed and I was desperate.

This situation was a very big shock for me, because before disaster struck, I had been very successful and I was at the peak of my career – I had built up a wonderful business for 14 years to be one of the biggest of its kind in Ireland.

But then I made my first big mistake that led to this problem - I sold my business.

Then several months later I suddenly discovered that our accountant had misled me and that we owed the taxman a massive six-figure sum in taxes.

Paying out well over a hundred grand in taxes would have a huge effect on our finances, but there was no way out of it. We had to pay every single cent, but that's not all...

For the first time in years, I started feeling deep fear and my confidence was badly shaken. And the more I worried, the worse things gotAnd then I made my 3rd big mistake – I trusted someone who I shouldn’t have trusted and I made some really bad investments, and that’s why a couple of years later we didn’t have a single cent left in the entire world.

We had lost everything and no matter what I did, the situation just wasn’t changing.

You see, our problems just kept getting deeper and deeper because of the way I was thinking. Because I had experienced so much loss and fear, I truly believed that everything would get worse, which it invariably did. I was locked into a cycle of negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs that kept us trapped in poverty and loss.

This is because your dominant thoughts, emotions and beliefs actually create the circumstances of your life. So it’s no wonder that everything I did, only made our situation even more unbearable.

I felt completely trapped and I couldn’t change anything, even though I desperately wanted to and even though I tried everything I could possibly think of. Everything just got worse and worse.

It got so bad that I just couldn’t take it anymore. I was desperate and I pleaded with the universe to change our situation no matter what it took.

Amazingly, it seems that my prayer of desperation really worked, because the very next day I discovered something truly remarkable that enabled me to transform our terrible situation.

And what I discovered allowed me to literally go from being totally broke with massive debts to making millions of dollars over the next few years

Now it’s important to understand that before this amazing discovery I really had tried absolutely everything to change our circumstances. But the real problem was within my own mind.

Nothing was working because of my hidden subconscious beliefs. I really had been my own worst enemy. And when I realised what I had been doing, I immediately started influencing my subconscious mind (using a method that I will share with you), and everything started to change.

I even started experiencing massive coincidences that affect me to this very day, years later. And all this started to happen within only the first 3 days and I was astonished.

I then started researching the world’s most successful people, because I wanted to know how they used their thoughts, and how they use their mind to succeed in everything that they did.

And I discovered that highly successful people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison and Leonardo da Vinci all understood about the power of their subconscious mind and that they used it to transform the world as we know it.

They harnessed the power of their subconscious mind in miraculous ways to create everything they wished for.

For example, the inventor Thomas Edison used to take a cat nap whenever he couldn't figure out a technical challenge. He would firmly give his subconscious mind instructions to give him an answer. And amazingly, on awakening he would often have the exact answer to the problem he was trying to solve.

You see, highly successful people think differently to most people and they use their thoughts and emotions in creative ways that attract into their lives all the things that they seek.

And as I started to put into practice what I learned, everything started to change. The more quickly I changed my thoughts, feelings and beliefs, the faster our circumstances changed….and it was really easy to do!

 And that’s when I realised it actually wasn’t my fault that I had experienced so much loss, and why my life had been seeped in fear!

I realised that from the moment I was born, I had been conditioned by society to think and believe certain things about money and about life that were simply not true.

And because we lost so much money in a very short period it’s like my mind had switched back into all the negative thoughts and beliefs I used to have surrounding money while I was growing up. No wonder I was struggling!

  • It’s not your fault if you haven’t yet experienced real success or if you have always been struggling to get by.
  • It’s not your fault if you’ve been told lies like success only comes from hard work or that for most people it’s just too difficult to achieve.
  • It’s not your fault if all you seem to experience is loss and disillusionment.
  • It’s not your fault if it appears that the cards are always stacked against you, because you know what? They actually are!

You see, the real problem is that throughout your life you have been constantly bombarded by lies that are simply not true.

It’s almost like those in power wanted you to fail and wanted you to remain powerless, so that you were easy to manipulate and control.

You have been conditioned by your upbringing, by society, by the media, by the government and even by religion - that you are only worthy of living a mediocre existence and that you should always be content with second best.

But this is the greatest load of garbage, because you are worthy of so much more!

You see, the conditioning you have received and also all the painful events you have experienced during your life - have formed restricting beliefs that prevent you from achieving what you want.

You have a negative inner voice that constantly tries to sabotage everything you set out to achieve. It tells you all sorts of untruths like - you're not worthy, or you're not good enough, or you aren't intelligent enough, or that you've tried before and failed, or that success only come to certain types of people. Fortunately, none of these are true, as you will soon discover.

The fact is most people have lots of subconscious beliefs that hold them back, and that prevent them from achieving what they are truly capable of.

You see, your subconscious beliefs really dictate what you can and cannot achieve. And in the battle between your conscious will and your subconscious beliefs - your subconscious beliefs always win out.

This means that it’s not possible to achieve success and deep fulfilment just through conscious willpower alone.

Your many years of conditioning can erode all your chances of becoming truly successful and deeply happy, unless you do something about it.

But the great news is that it's possible to program your mind for success and happiness, and it’s very easy to do once you know how.

Once I realised how my own conditioning had sabotaged all my efforts to change our situation, things started to happen really quickly.

I started to feel a lot more gratitude and a lot less fear, and as I began to change so did our circumstances. And all this started happening within the first 3 days which was hugely reassuring and very empowering. And as I become empowered once again, I started to see things a lot more clearly

And as I started seeing our situation more clearly, I also started seeing solutions to our problems. And this in turn meant that I finally began to understand what I needed to do to overcome our poverty and provide for my family.

Before long an income started coming in once again, for the first time in ages and it felt really great. It wasn’t a lot at first, but when more money is coming in than going out, it gives you more confidence and great peace of mind. It’s also a very big relief.

I can honestly look back now and say that I’m really grateful for this experience even though it was extremely painful. Because it taught me all sorts of new skills I never had before and I now know that I have the resources within me to transform any situation.

It’s also allowed me to help many other people to achieve greater success and happiness in their own lives, and fast.

You really can do this! Because this didn’t just work for me…


Inese Kapeniese Inese Kapeniese, Consultant, Coach and Author

Mike is teaching something that we all want – to achieve our goals and the life-style we envision. He is teaching how to make sure that we achieve what we wish for and that we are not just relying on luck but that we are consistently working towards our desired future.

He shows that success and achievement of our goals is not just an accident but that successful people work towards their goals consistently and never give up.

But how do we ensure the success? Mike teaches how our thoughts and actions influence our journey and determine whether we’ll succeed or not. He also provides specific excercises to carry out.

I am an enterpreneur with ambitious goals. Ambitious goals are not straight forward to achieve, so I continuously look for experiences, ideas and inspiration from other enterpreneurs.

Mike’s program is a great source of inspiration. I find many of its practices very valuable in my journey. Mike teaches how to use our time wisely in working towards our goals as time is the most valuable resource we have. He teaches how not to hold ourselves back and how to deal with challenges.

Jijosam Christian Jijosam Christian, Business Development Manager

This success manual has given me so many great ideas for ways I can get passionate about my professional and personal life again, that I know I will be returning to it again and again.

It is truly exceptional, informative and inspirational, beginning with Mike’s own story.

It states clearly and concisely what you should be doing to achieve your goals. I've always found it very easy to begin things - it's the on-going and reaching a concrete end that I've had problems with. It highlights a number of practices I will be using from now on to help me.

It has endless wisdom about how to get from where you currently are in your life, to where you want to be!

I highly recommend “The Millionaire Mind Secrets” for anyone who wants to better their life and situation.

I use it, in part, to remind me of what I've forgotten, and partly to learn new methods to continue achieving my own goals. A great treasure!

Tony Mulville Tony Mulville

“I have more control over my life. I now know I have the ability and control to change any situation and move on.”

Two years ago, I took control of my first business, in a sector that has had its difficulties and challenges over recent years.

It has been extremely difficult due to my fear of failure and lack of belief in my ability. Cash flow has been very tight, and this has only helped to create more stress and reinforce the belief that I was bound to fail.

It seemed like I was spending all my time working and getting nowhere!! I was frozen without the ability to change my future.

Mike’s training has helped me to make small but hugely powerful changes to my thinking and approaches to life and work.

Because I now have more control over my business, I have more control over my life. I now know I have the ability and control to change any situation and move on.

Dr Linda Mallory Dr Linda Mallory, Educational Psychologist and parent coach thewhyparent.com

Thank you so much for your course. It has come at such a good time in that there has been lots of transition and change in my life.

I have been deep a student of personal development since the age of 14 and I am a psychologist and I have experienced lots of programmes about success, goal setting and self help.

Mike's programme is one of the most authentic and purposeful product I have experienced. This programme is full of integrity, honesty and most importantly wisdom of someone who has been through some life changing experiences. The striking aspect of this programme is the heartfelt stories and wisdom that Mike brings to the exercises.

Thank you Mike for this programme which has helped me rethink both my meaning and purpose. Since starting the programme I can see I am reframing things in a more positive way with more gratitude and clarity.

I am looking forward to putting the practices into long lasting change. I am no longer feeling uncertain about my future and I know I will revisit this programme again and again.

Now, when I started putting these millionaire mind secrets into practice myself, I didn’t realise just how easy it would be. I was truly astonished!

Nor did I understand just how quickly I would start seeing big changes in my circumstances and in my finances.

What I certainly wasn’t expecting was to attract into my life all the coincidences, wonderful partnerships, new friends, more money, as well as the deep confidence and fulfilment that I experienced.

And these secrets have even enabled me to become a bestselling author and appear on TV and radio almost 100 times, as well as bringing me more customers and clients than I could ever have imagined.

Look, this is really powerful stuff, and you can expect very big changes in your own life when you put into practice what you learn. In fact so many people have benefited from the secrets I have shared with them that again and again they kept telling me that I should create training programs and seminars, so that a lot more people can also learn these secrets of success.

So, that’s why I created The Millionaire Mind Secrets.

And The Millionaire Mind Secrets are The Fastest, Most Effective Strategies for Success finally EXPOSED



The Millionaire Mind Secrets

7 Life Changing Secrets That Always Lead to Success

Now, you could go and try and figure out all these things on your own, but it took me months to create The Millionaire Mind Secrets success training system.

I also had to lose almost a million dollars to learn these powerful secrets, as well as going through years of pain, frustration and fear to create it. But it was totally worth it. It’s so easy you can just plug into it and “BOOM” it works!

So you’re going to get the ease and the speed that I didn’t have and you’re going to shave off years of trial and error discovering these secrets for yourself.

These are just some of the amazing secrets you will get immediate access to:

But again, don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what Orla says:

Orla Aaron

“I am already reaping the benefits of small changes which has given me greater confidence and true happiness.”

It starts with Mikes own life story,  who is inspirational and has shown by his own life experience of how he conquers his own demons and achieves success and true happiness.

I was at a crossroads in my life and the timing was perfect for me to take on this programme and after only a short time I am already reaping the benefits of small changes which has given me greater confidence and true happiness…it all just makes perfect sense.

I have already committed to my short term and medium term goals (still compiling my long term list) surprisingly it has been much easier than I  had expected!

Orla Aaron

Now, before you get started, let me ask you a question

How would you like to get access to my entire success, wealth and happiness training system that is completely based on time-tested principles?

For less than the cost of a cheap meal, you can get access to everything inside The Millionaire Mind Secrets.

Now, while it would be impossible to show you ALL of the benefits of the program, I want to share with you just some of the things you will get immediate access to.


Ultimate Success Manual for Your Brain

With this Ultimate Success Manual, you will learn how to create lifelong success, abundant wealth and perpetual happiness.

You'll discover the simplest, most effective tools, strategies and techniques so you can break through years of conditioning and be empowered to reach all your goals.

Program Audiobook

You also get a complete audiobook of the entire program, so you can listen to it on your phone or burn it to CD or even learn from it while you are driving.

Always have the entire course to hand whenever you need it.

Your Instant Recall Mind Map

You also get your Instant Recall Mind Map, so you will always know exactly what's the next step that you need to be taking.

This Mind Map of the entire program will jog your memory and help you to quickly recall everything you need to progress.

Mind Programming Guide

You also get your Mind Programming Guide which allows you to create programs that will have powerful effects on your subconscious mind.

Create new programs that literally command your subconscious mind to achieve what you desire.

Turbo-Charged Daily Success Planner

You also get the revolutionary Daily Success Planner. Get twice as much done each day, with only half the effort and eliminate stress from your life forever! Your Daily Success Planner is where you make it all happen.

Simple to use, yet highly effective - you may be astounded by how much progress you can make towards your goals each day from now on, and more easily than ever before.

Next, the Mind Programming Guide that allows you to start attracting into your life success and happiness far more quickly is worth at least another $45 Likewise, the Daily Success Planner that can totally transform the way you plan each day, and which allows you to get more done and eliminate stress should also be priced at more than $45

This means that the complete Millionaire Mind Secrets training system is worth more than $300

Now, obviously I’m not going to charge you anything near $300, but this really is the value of what you get.

Now, before I move on let me ask you something quickly…

  • If all this program did was to make you feel more confident and empowered, would it be worth $300.00?
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  • If all this did was allow you to finally get out of debt and start saving money, would it be worth it?
  • If all it did was to allow you be more successful, to make more money and have more free time would it be worth $300?


I’m not going to charge you anywhere near $300.

I’m delighted to say that today I’m going to give you my entire success, wealth and happiness training system for one single payment of only $17

The Millionaire Mind Secrets

Imagine what your life is going to be like in just a week from now when you start putting into practice what you learn in The Millionaire Mind Secrets.

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  • You also get your Mind Programming Guide.
  • And finally, you get your Daily Success Planner.


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